The picture just below was taken in November 2014






A Few Years Ago





Much more Recent



Exterior with all Floodlights working





From the Parking Area




A Daylight View



Partial Recent Side View


Lilies of the Valley in Side View





Below when door & Porch repainted a couple years ago.

 One of the two electric subpanels is shown above

Typical Main Room

Curtains left and right are Audio Curtains for 8 foot tall speaker system



Main Room with the floodlights obvious from the outside.






Just another view of the Main Room  with Christmas decorations

This was also before the woodstove was installed in the fireplace.


Woodstove—always burned daily in Winter

Hardwood Mantel

Solid Black Marble Surrounding Hearth

Before new Carpeting


Fireplace before the woodstove & new carpeting


This helps appreciate what the main room looks like from the rear


Looking back from front of Main Room


Below shows all oak flooring right before new carpeting.

Christmas Tree was on rollers to be moved out of the way.

This is a student-mainly to show the stairs & corner molding, etc

This shows the front entrance and the Main Room looking

through both archways to the Organ Room

I built the smaller archway with plaster after knocking out the wall

to the former Garage and I made the curving corners match the larger archway

Below is Entrance

Once Used as Reception Desk

Now for Audio Etc

Also Before new Carpeting on Stairs


Standing same place as above but turning toward Organ Room

This had been a tile wall plastered on this side as you can see in pictures below.

I sculpted the corner arches with plaster to match the others in the building.

Leaded glass sidelight for front door at right

This is in the Organ Room looking to Main Room

Yes, I painted each tile deep red one at a time to make the wall look better!

Below is Jjust another view of the organ room

For orientation, the other side of the organ pipes is the

Sign in Front saying Music Adventures

Different view

The pipes and windchests sit on a concrete floor

Located three feet below the floor you see.

I excavated it by hand and poured all of the concrete by hand.

Below gives good idea of the back.
The Satellite Dish was used to receive International Classical Music feeds.
Hundreds of hours were recorded. Peony bush still vigorous.

Recent picture

Shows Considerable Exposure from Northeast Approach

Coming Down Pearl Road

Below Taken a few Years earlier before Collins Building

When there were more shutters on front upstairs window

And on rear downstairs window



Before I bought property in 1978