Details of Gary Starr's Actions Against Music Adventures
And The Final Days of His Time as Mayor
of Middleburg Heights

The actions by Starr against Music Adventures included actual legislation
authored by Starr and passed without any hearing by an unsuspecting council
requiring immediate demolition of Music Adventures if the property was not
transferred to Starr for an unfairly low price. To avoid months of litigation
we allowed Starr to take ownership on March 31, 2017 at considerable financial loss.

Starr had a well publicized and personally admitted dislike of older buildings.
His efforts to get various buildings demolished was well documented and he had an
accute dislike of Music Adventures, a restored 1885 farm residence visibly prominent
on Pearl Road. Over as many as 30 years, Starr would criticize the building, attempt
to cite it for maintenance violations despite its "grandfathered" legal protection from
petty complaints about its aesthetics, and interfere with its operations in ways
that defied the law. After he became outrageously aggressive in attempting to illegally
prosecute actions against Music Adventures, culminating in an actual law passed without
any notice or hearing which called for the immediate demolition of the building unless
Osburn agreed to sell to Starr for half its valuation, it became clear that
entering into extended litigation against a municipality to correct such a wrong would
cost more than Osburn could likely recover so Starr acquired and demolished the building.

Determined to get the word out about Starr's reprehensible and illegal actions, Osburn prepared
and delivered to Investigative Reporter Tom Meyer at WKYC-CH3 a comprehensive dossier to which
Meyer responded telling Osburn he had acted on the dossier and had begun an investigation of
the Mayor. Meyer wanted Osburn to help with location information for two dismissed senior city
employees, former Law Director Peter Hull and former Chief of Police John Maddox.

Soon after, in August 2018, Meyer went on the air with a series of reports that were added to
by reporting of and the Plain Dealer, detailed below. The links within the PDF files
do not function but you can Google the actual web story (so long as it remains active)

It was four months after Meyer got to work on the story presented to him by Osburn that on
November 27, 2018, Channel 3 interrupted its 7pm news with a report from City Council that
Starr had just announced his departure in 30 days. He would negotiate a non-prosecution agreenent
with City Council as part of the terms for his "voluntary" resignation.

The links below start chronologically from the bottom.

Attorney Diemert accuses Starr of breaking the law.
This is a PDF combining the Plain Dealer e-edition and stories
published February 13-14 2019
(the links in the article will not work but as long as
it remains the article URL is shown below: Click

URL to actual story shown above Click

Gary Starr Resigns Effective Dec 31-Beth Mlady story in Sun News Nov 27, 2018
(This is a .PDF file of the story) Click

Dec 20, 2018: Former Housing Manager Charlie Drazetic sues Starr claiming he was
fired for refusing to follow Starr's orders to claim zoning code violations
against property owners even though such violations did not exist
(This is a .PDF file of the Complaint as filed) Click

Council Orders Firing of Law Director/others
(This is a .PDF file of the story) Click

What the hell is going on in Middleburg Heights
(This is a .PDF file of the comprehensive Sep 6, 2018 story--a stunning read) Click
The links below are WKYC-TV Channel 3 videos in August and September 2018

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